Hey! I’m Calliope, a queer Leatherboy living in a 24/7 power exchange dynamic. I’m non-binary and use they/them pronouns – my Daddy uses he/him pronouns. I’ve been in the BDSM scene for twelve years and my current dynamic for five. I came into the lifestyle after years of reading dirty fanfiction and wanting to explore the in-person side of the scene. I became drawn to full-time, intense power exchange although I struggled with feeling like I was capable of it.

As part of my journey, I found myself in Leather and became a charter member of a Leather club. Leather has been my guiding force for much of my journey and preserving it, literally and figuratively, is important to me. I believe in learning from our history and understanding those that came before us without getting lost in the nostalgia.

Since Daddy and I have found our homes in Leather, our dynamic is modeled from Leather Daddy/boy dynamics. Daddy is nurturing and firm, guiding me and helping me grow as a person and a Leatherboy. I strive to serve him in all I do and make sure we’re not super serious all the time. I also draw influence from the history of courtesans, improving skills focused on companionship, communication, beauty in all things, and more. I am also a beginner bootblack and enjoy caring for our leathers.

Official Biography

Calliope writes at Queer Courtesan, a power exchanged focused blog. They are a queer non-binary Leatherboy, proud to be owned by their Daddy. Calliope has been an active member of the BDSM community, both online and in-person, for a decade. They are a bootblack and aspiring teacher, wanting to pass on the Leather history that’s been handed to them. They are also a charter member of a Leather patch club, have taught leather care classes, run lifestyle groups, and currently moderate a private Facebook power exchange group with their Daddy.

Calliope strives to introduce new people to power exchange and the vital skills that keep these relationships alive and healthy. They look to share these things through writing, teaching, and fostering community in safe spaces. They believe that community is the key to safe BDSM and Leather and creating accessible communities is vital.